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Connection Times Between Flights

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their connecting flights are in accordance with the recommended Minimum Connection Times.


For passengers travelling on more than one flight on any day, there are minimum connection times that should be allowed for when booking flights.

These connection times are based on industry recommendations to ensure customers have enough time to move within and between terminals and check-in again where required. Rex recommends passenger incorporate ample time between flights. The following are minimum connection times which should be adhered to:

  • 45 minutes between Rex flights
  • 60 minutes between Rex and Virgin Australia
  • 90 minutes between Rex and Qantas and other domestic airlines
  • Two hours between international flights (2 hours 30 minutes in Sydney, Perth & Brisbane)

Please Note:

  • Passengers should check international check-in times with their respective international carriers.
  • These minimum connection times are of general advice; and in accordance with industry recommendations for  the least amount of time required to make connecting flights. They do not take into consideration flight disruptions.
  • Rex does not guarantee flight connections; nor is Rex liable for consequential expenses resulting from a missed connection. Travel Insurance is recommended.