Connecting between Rex Regional and Domestic flights

For passengers with Rex regional and domestic connections in the same booking, you will be able to complete check-in for multiple flights at your point of origin (web check-in, at a kiosk (if available) or at the check-in counter). You will not need to complete check-in a second time for your connecting flight.

If travelling with checked baggage, baggage will be available at the baggage carousel at your final destination. There is no need to collect your checked baggage during transit between your flights.

Connecting regional and domestic economy flights in one booking
Carry-on baggage allowance is 7kg. Please note that on regional flights, size limits apply for carry-on baggage permitted on the aircraft.

Checked baggage allowance of 23kg is permitted provided that both the regional and domestic sectors are in the same booking.

Connecting regional and domestic Business Class Fare (Biz) in one booking
The carry-on baggage allowance is 10kg for Biz Saver, and 15 kilograms for Biz and Biz Plus fares where for passengers are connecting between a regional flight and holding a Business Class Fare for their domestic flight. Note that no one bag may weigh more than 10kg

Please note that on regional flights, a size limit applies for carry-on baggage. You may be in possession of such baggage between check-in and boarding, however baggage which is deemed too large to travel as carry-on baggage on the regional flight will be stored in the aircraft’s cargo hold for the duration of the regional flight. It will be available for collection at disembarkation.

A checked baggage allowance of 32kg is permitted provided that both the regional and business class sectors are in the same booking.

For baggage information, please visit the Baggage Allowance section of our website.

Connecting with a flight numbered between ZL7000 and ZL7999
Web check-in and kiosk check-in are not available for flight numbers between ZL7000 and ZL7999 (operated by National Jet Express for Rex).

Passengers connecting between these services and a Rex regional/domestic services are required to complete check-in and bag drop for each flight.

Connecting times

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their connecting flights comply with the Minimum Connection Times.

For passengers travelling on more than one flight on any day, there are minimum connection times that should be allowed for when booking flights. These connection times are based on the experience of our airport staff to ensure customers have enough time to move within and between terminals and check-in again where required.

The following minimum connection times apply for all airports:

  • 40 minutes between Rex regional flights
  • 30 minutes between Rex domestic flights
  • 30 minutes from Rex domestic flights to Rex regional flights
  • 40 minutes from Rex regional flights to Rex domestic flights
  • 1 hour between Rex flights (both domestic and regional) and Virgin Australia flights
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes between Rex flights (both domestic and regional) and other domestic/regional flights
  • 2 hours between Rex flights (both domestic and regional) and international flights (2 hours 30 minutes in Sydney, Brisbane & Perth)
  • 90 minutes between Rex domestic/regional flights and flights numbered between ZL7000 and ZL7999 (operated by National Jet Express for Rex). Note: through check-in is not available. Airport check-in is required for all flights between ZL7000-ZL7999.

Please Note:

  • Passengers should check international check-in times with their respective international carriers.
  • These minimum connection times are of general advice and are in accordance with industry recommendations for the least amount of time required to make connecting flights. They do not take into consideration flight disruptions. Rex does not guarantee flight connections nor is Rex liable for consequential expenses resulting from a missed connection. Travel Insurance is recommended.