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We will always use our best efforts to carry passengers and baggage with reasonable dispatch; unfortunately, there are circumstances where the available capacity of our cargo compartment is restricted due to reasons such as inclement weather or additional fuel requirements. In such instances, baggage offloads may be required.

In order for passengers to guarantee uplift of baggage on the flight they travel on, passengers are able to purchase Priority Baggage at a rate of $5.50 per kilogram. All fare classes are eligible to purchase this product.

Please note - excess baggage fees are still applicable when the baggage weight exceeds the passenger’s free allowance.

Priority Baggage is available for purchase either in advance of your travel date through the Customer Contact Centre by calling 13 17 13, or on the day of travel at the departing airport.


  • The total weight of the Priority Baggage purchased by the passenger must meet or exceed the purchase amount (i.e. 15kg baggage would incur a charge of 15kg x $5.50 = $82.50) plus any applicable payment method surcharge.
  • Priority Baggage can be purchased for individual pieces only as specified by the passenger and not all baggage being checked in. Excess baggage fees are still applicable when the baggage weight exceeds the passenger’s free allowance.
  • In the event that the Priority Baggage indicated weight does not meet the weight of the passenger’s baggage being presented for check in, the passenger will be required to pay for the additional weight at a rate of $5.50 (incl. GST).
  • In the event of a baggage offload, Priority Baggage items will be the absolute last items to be offloaded. Once passenger check-in has been completed, the option to purchase the Priority Baggage product is no longer available.
  • Passengers do not have the option to purchase the product once advised after check-in that passenger baggage will be offloaded.
  • In the event that no passenger baggage can be uplifted due to weight and balance or operational requirements, the Priority Baggage is to also be offloaded and the passenger is entitled to a refund of their Priority Baggage purchase by lodging a request via Rex’s online customer feedback portal.