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What is Rextra Legroom | Terms and Conditions | Safety Pre-requisites | Book Rextra Legroom

Terms and Conditions for the sale of Rextra Legroom
  1. You must satisfy and agree to the Safety Pre-requisites.
  2. You will be denied your seat if our staff identify at boarding that you have falsely declared your ability to comply with the Safety Pre-requisties. Decisions made by our staff are final and binding.
  3. Rex reserves the right to make changes to your Rextra seat allocation (including non allocation of such seats) due to operational issues. In cases where you are not given an Rextra seat in the alternative arrangement, the fee paid will be refunded to you. To claim the refund simply log on to our website, go to Media Centre, Contact Us and fill up a form.
  4. The Rextra Legroom fee will be forfeited if you:
    1. choose to change your flight on your own volition. You will need to pay for a new Rextra Legroom if you require such a seat for your new flight.
    2. fail to check-in or board your flight as scheduled, and/or
    3. do not satisfy the Safety Pre-requisites.