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Firearms must be carried in checked-baggage and cannot be carried in the cabin of an aircraft. Firearms will be returned to you personally by Rex staff at the destination.

Passengers travelling with firearms are to book through the Customer Contact Centre on 13 17 13.

When travelling with a firearm, the following requirements must be met:

  • The firearm is to be carried in a locked case or bag
  • The firearm is to be unloaded
  • If a firearm has a bolt, the bolt is to be removed

No more than 5kg of ammunition (per passenger) is to be carried. Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturers packaging. Law Enforcement Officers and ADF personnel travelling on duty may carry ammunition in no more than 2 magazines plus boxed ammunition to a total weight of no more than 5kg. All ammunition must be packed in a locked bag or case and checked-in for carriage in the baggage compartment.

The firearm and ammunition must be declared at check-in.

A valid firearm/shooters licence must be produced at check-in and at the destination to collect the firearm. (Police or ADF identification is suitable when carrying non-private firearms).

Junior Shooters

Minors carrying firearms must produce their firearms/shooters licence AND must be accompanied by an adult at check-in and the destination who must also produce a firearm/shooters licence.

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