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Passengers have the following checked baggage limits:

  • Economy Class Passengers: 15kg or 140cm in linear dimensions (sum of length, breadth and height of item)
  • Infants (not occupying a seat): Not exceeding a total weight of 10Kgs. This will include the following items:
    a. Stroller
    b. Carry Basket
    c. Car Seat
    d. Fold-up cot

Manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, crutches and/or prosthetics for which passengers depend upon for mobility, are NOT included in the checked baggage allowance limitations.

Please see the following links for information regarding the carriage of Dangerous Goods including Lithium Batteries, Fire Arms and Hoverboards.

Rex accepts the through check of baggage to/from Virgin Australia flights. Please see the following link for information regarding our VA Interline Agreement.

Domestic animals, with the exception of assistance animals will be accepted for check-in provided the animal is carried in a suitable domestic animal container that is clean and secure and meets the specifications as set out in the Domestic Animal Container Requirements. Animals will be accepted as excess baggage only and charged at the current excess baggage rate per kilogram. Hoofed animals are not accepted on any Rex services.

NOTE TO ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND NEWCASTLE TRAVELLERS: Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville, Perth, Brisbane and Cairns airports have advised that, with the exception of assistance animals, no animals are accepted within the terminal building. All animals must be lodged with Qantas Freight (excluding QLD regulated routes) or Dogtainers (accepts freight on QLD regulated routes) and travel as cargo. Dogtainers can be contacted on 1300 13 52 52 or through

Please be aware that Qantas Freight cannot accept live animal bookings on the day of travel and must be submitted a minimum of three business day (72 hours) prior to the scheduled time of departure. For urgent booking requests (less than three full business days before departure) please call 13 12 13.

Animals are not permitted as passenger baggage or freight on any Air Link flights due to space limitations.


Safe Hand Baggage

Safe Hand Baggage is classified as baggage where passengers are permitted to be in possession of their baggage (other than Cabin Baggage) between check-in and boarding. Passengers will have full access to the contents of the Safe Hand Baggage with the exception of the duration of the flight, as Safe Hand Baggage is not permitted inside the cabin.

Safe Hand Baggage of 15kg is permitted for carriage and can be purchased at check-in with a fee of $50.00 + GST. Excess Baggage charges apply for all baggage above 15kg.

Safe Hand Baggage charges do not apply for passengers travelling with wheelchairs, prams and medical equipment required between check-in and boarding.

As Safe Hand Baggage is screened through Airport Security, its contents are subject to all cabin baggage restrictions.

The following items are not permitted as Safe Hand Baggage:

  • Weapons & Firearms
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sharp things that are not weapons, but are capable (with or without modification) of causing harm by penetration
  • Blunt objects that can be used to bludgeon or threaten to bludgeon someone
  • Flammable goods
  • Items capable of restraining someone

Regional Express will not be held responsible or liable should the Airport Security Screening staff confiscate any item/s in your possession.

Items must not be added or removed from the Safe Hand Baggage upon check-in completion.

Safe Hand Baggage must be placed at the bottom of the stairs prior to entering the aircraft. The baggage will also be present at the bottom of the stairs upon arrival for passenger retrieval.



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