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Carriage of pets is not included in the free baggage allowance. Your pet will be charged at a minimum rate of $7.70 per kilo. This will includes the weight of the pet pack.

You must provide your own RSPCA approved pet pack, which can be purchased through most pet shops or veterinary clinics.  Your pet will travel in the pressurised cargo hold area, at cabin-temperature.

Please allow additional time for check-in. We recommend you seek advise from your vet before your pet travels.  

If your pet exceeds 30kg, your pet will need to be consigned as freight.

Please note all animals travelling through Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns and Perth airports must be consigned as freight as the Airport Corporations do not permit animals in their terminal buildings.
All animals must be lodged with Qantas Freight (excluding QLD regulated routes) or Dogtainers (accepts freight on QLD regulated routes) and travel as cargo. Dogtainers can be contacted on 1300 13 52 52 or through  

Qantas Freight cannot accept live animal bookings on the day of travel and must be submitted a minimum of three business day (72 hours) prior to the scheduled time of departure. For urgent booking requests (less than three full business days before departure) please call 13 12 13.


Dogs arriving in Tasmania will be required to be treated for hydatid tapeworms prior to entry. Dogs which have been treated within the previous 14 days will be admitted if accompanied by documentation of proof of treatment. For details please call 1300 368 550.