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The charges imposed by the Dubbo City Council (DCC) from 20 March 2013 were interim measures approved by the DCC until 30 June 2013 due to it being an amendment to the DCC’s Financial Year 2013 fees and charges.  The DCC now intends to extend these charges to Rex passengers for the full Financial Year 2014 from 1 July 2013.  The DCC's proposed Operational Plan and Revenue Policy for Financial Year 2014 has been placed on public exhibition until 5pm 31 May 2013 and can be viewed on the DCC website at:

The documents are headed:

C-Dubbo_2036_Operational_Plan_2013-2014_Part1, &
C-Dubbo_2036_Operational_Plan_2013-2014_Part2 (including Revenue Policy)

The limited information pertaining to the airport security screening fees can be found in section 5.2 of the Revenue Policy (page 43) where it states “Full cost recovery of contractors charges – Invoiced monthly”.

We urge all of you who believe that the DCC's decision is not acceptable to lodge your submission before the 31 May 2013 public exhibition deadline.  The community should submerge the DCC with hundreds of submissions to let them know how deeply unpopular their decision is and remind them that they are elected to do the bidding of the community and not to pursue their personal and political agenda.  Otherwise they are not worthy to be the people's representative.

Fill up the submission form at the bottom of the page here.  Please forward us ( a copy of the automated response if you wish us to put your submission up on our webpage. 

We hope all of you will take the effort to make a difference in this important issue.  Please help us to help you as we resist DCC's unconscionable decision to make you subsidise Qantas passengers.

The Rex Team.  

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