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Hazelton | Kendell | Regional Express | Rex’s 10th Anniversary

After Ansett collapsed, a group of businessmen saw an opportunity in reviving only the regional aviation part of the business. They believed there were sound business reasons for this initiative:

both Hazelton and Kendell, before they were part of Ansett, were profitable entities and enjoyed excellent reputation and support;

both airlines were still in operation under their own brands even during administration;
the route networks of both operators were complementary;
they operated the same aircraft types; and

significant economies of scale could be obtained by streamlining the operations (flight and engineering), administration and management of the two companies.

A consortium of businessmen comprising a group of Singaporean investors and a collection of Australian private investors eventually reached an agreement with the two sets of administrators, the government, the unions and the staff to purchase the Hazelton and Kendell turbo-prop passenger airlines businesses, leading to the formation of Regional Express, more affectionately known as Rex.

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