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Rex Overview | Rex Fleet

Rex has its roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia. Its tagline boldly affirms that ‘Our Heart is in the Country’. Rex believes that the bush needs and deserves an air service of quality that provides good connectivity with capital cities at affordable prices. Rex seeks to fulfil these expectations. Since its formation, Rex has steered a course balancing the needs of regional communities for extensive and affordable air services and to be economically viable and sustainable.

    Rex, because of its heritage, has decades of experience of service to the bush and understands the needs of regional Australia. Often it co-invests with the local communities to develop ways to start or nurture marginal routes that would otherwise not have any air service.
    Rex understands that regional Australia needs access to affordable air travel. Rex has vigorous in-house programs that seek out and eliminate wastages and inefficiencies in order to lower its cost base. These benefits allow the Company to shelter its fares from the full impact of external spikes in costs escalation. For example, even in a year of escalating fuel increases with three upward revisions in fuel levies, Rex’s net average fare in FY 04/05 was 21% cheaper than when it started operations in 2002.
    Rex believes its customers view its services not merely as a seat on a plane but as a saving on precious time. Rex considers many passengers fly because they want to save the time they would have to otherwise spend driving or taking the train. An airline’s performance can be measured in different ways, but a key performance indicator is simply this: ‘how often does an airline arrive and depart on time?’ In this respect, Rex believes that its record speaks for itself.
    Rex is often complimented on the warmth and hospitality of its front line staff. The Company considers this is because its staff are committed to and enjoy their work, feel part of a “family” culture and subscribe to the Company’s values. Another important factor is that Rex maintains bases in regional communities where many of its staff grew up and live. In other words, they serve the communities they know and can recognise and welcome many passengers as friends. As a result, Rex believes that although it is formally headquartered in Sydney, it is often viewed as being a part of many of the regional communities it serves.

    It is therefore no surprise that Rex has consistently ranked top two in the domestic airlines customer satisfaction surveys.






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