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The Regional Express Group prides itself on its commitment to safety; it is an essential feature of our operation and one by which we measure our success. It is a fundamental consideration underlying all major actions and decisions.

The Regional Express Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all stakeholders - passengers, employees, visitors and contractors - through compliance with all applicable safety legislation, regulations and relevant codes of practice.

Our safety success is predicated upon a safety culture in which:

Senior management demonstrate a commitment to safety by integrating Human Factors principles in day-to-day operational decisions;
Senior management provide support and adequate resources to maintain an effective Safety Management System (SMS);
All staff, contractors and third party suppliers are made to be aware that they are responsible for maintaining and complying with the Group’s safety and quality standards, policies and practices including WH&S legislation and regulations as applicable to their daily activities;
Free and honest reporting of all safety issues is encouraged and fostered in accordance with ‘Just Culture’ principles;
Consultation between management and employees occurs on decisions that may impact their health and safety;
Systemic issues uncovered result in process improvements and are communicated at all levels of the organisation.

The commitment of management and staff to the safety and health of all our stakeholders is crucial to our future as a leader in regional aviation and a leader in safety.

"Our Heart is in the Country, Our Minds are on Safety"



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