In view of the devastating and disastrous effect of the worst drought to hit regional Australia in the last 50 years, Rex has decided to set aside $1 million for drought relief to regional Australia. Assistance is offered in the form of up to $4.00 of travel on the network of for every $1.00 donated by the community groups to a registered charitable organization assisting in drought specific aid. Small businesses that are providing assistance to victims of the drought will also be eligible. The amount to be provided for each request is entirely at the discretion of the management of Rex.

Under the Drought Relief Assistance scheme, Rex invites community groups or small businesses (individuals are not eligible) who have raised funds or contributed for the drought relief efforts to apply for a travel voucher worth up to $4.00 for every $1.00 raised/contributed. The travel voucher must be used for purposes related to drought relief. Charities/community groups/small businesses are invited to detail their plans in the application to see if they qualify for the Rex travel vouchers.

Vouchers provided for travel will be valid for 12 months from date of issuance. The following fare rules apply: One change per flight (i.e. date, time) is permitted up to 24 hours before scheduled time of departure with payment of the applicable admin fee per flight sector, vouchers is non-transferable and non-refundable, standard Conditions of Carriage apply.

Note – documentary proof of funds raised/contributed must be attached to any requests. As such, we are unable to satisfy requests for flights to be used as prizes/raffles or auction items, etc.

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It is our desire to assist those in regional Australia at a time of need. However, if you are able to share information about our contribution so that others may get to know of our initiative, this would be appreciated. Please provide details below if applicable:

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Allocation of flights is subject to approval. Please refer to our Privacy Policy when submitting your sponsorship enquiry. This policy will provide details of how your personal information will be handled.