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If you have any claims, feedback, compliments or complaints, you can fill out the on-line form by clicking on the left icon below.

Take note that you can obtain answers to most of your enquiries and requests for assistance directly on-line. Some examples of what you can obtain on-line are:

            - 1. Request for Invoice
            - 2. Request for Travel Itinerary Confirmation
            - 3. Information on:
  Flight Schedule,
  Fare Rules,
  Baggage Allowances,
  Conditions of Carriage
            - 4. Flight cancellation/disruption information
            - 5. Travel Insurance information
            - 6. Termination of Rex Flyer Programme

We will respond to you within 15 working days. If you have any urgent matters that do not fall in the above 6 categories, you can contact our Customer Contact Centre.