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Please refer to our Privacy Policy when submitting feedback or making enquiries. This policy will provide details of how your personal information will be handled.

If you have any claims, feedback, compliments or complaints, you can fill out the on-line form by clicking on the left icon below.

Take note that you can obtain answers to most of your enquiries and requests for assistance directly on-line. Some examples of what you can obtain on-line are:

            - 1. Request for Invoice
            - 2. Request for Travel Itinerary Confirmation
            - 3. Information on:
  Flight Schedule,
  Fare Rules,
  Baggage Allowances,
  Conditions of Carriage
            - 4. Flight cancellation/disruption information
            - 5. Travel Insurance information
            - 6. Business Flyer Programme

We will respond to you within 15 working days. If you have any urgent matters that do not fall in the above 6 categories, you can contact our Customer Contact Centre.