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Organisation Structure | Board of Directors | Senior Management

Lim Kim Hai
Executive Chairman

Mr. Lim started his career as a Defence Engineer specialising in underwater warfare. After 10 years he left to start his own business. Currently he has a portfolio of investment and business interests in diverse sectors and countries. He is also the Chairman of a biomedical company in Singapore, Lynk Biotechnologies Pte Ltd as well as Chairman of WooWorld Pte Ltd, a supplier of mobile games and content to telecommunication companies in Japan and South East Asia.

Mr. Lim obtained his Masters in Electronics Engineering from the prestigious 'Grande Ecoles' engineering colleges in France where he was sent on a French Government scholarship. He later returned to France to complete a Masters of Public Administration at the elite Ecole Nationale d'Administration in Paris on a Singapore Government scholarship. Mr. Lim also has a Masters of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.

Mr. Lim was one of the founding shareholders and directors of Rex.

Mr. Lim was appointed to the board of Rex on 27 June 2003. He was re-elected to the Board on 16 November 2006, 25 November 2009 and 27 November 2012.


The Hon. John Sharp
Deputy Chairman & Independent Director

The Honourable John Sharp, originally from a farming and business background, is an aviator having been a licensed pilot of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Mr. Sharp was a member of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth Parliament for 14 years (1984 - 1998). Mr. Sharp retired from the House of Representatives in 1998 and established his own high level aviation and transport consulting company, Thenford Consulting. Mr. Sharp is a former Chairman of the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australia and a director of Australian Aerospace, a wholly- owned subsidiary of European Aeronautics Defence and Space (EADS) representing Airbus (the aircraft manufacturer of ATR, CASA, Eurocopter and Astrium satellites). He is Chairman of Parsons Brinkerhoff Advisory Board. This is an engineering and design company operating throughout Australia. He is also Chairman of Power and Data Corporation Pty Limited and Chairman of Pel-Air Aviation Pty Limited. Mr. Sharp is a Trustee and Board Member of John McKeown House, Honorary Federal Treasurer, National Party of Australia and recently retired Chairman of Winifred West Schools Foundation. He is a member of the University of Wollongong Vice Chancellor's Advisory Board. Recently, he was appointed a director of the Flight Safety Foundation following his receipt of the Foundation's Presidential Citation for Aviation Safety; the first Australian to receive this award. Mr. Sharp's extensive experience of aviation, regional air services and as the former Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development in the Federal Government, adds significantly to the expertise and standing of the Board.

Mr. Sharp was appointed to the board of Rex on 14 April 2005. He was re-elected to the Board on 19 November 2008, 23 November 2011 and 27 November 2013.

James Davis
Independent Director

Mr. Davis has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and commenced his aviation career with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) before obtaining his Air Transport Pilot Licence. He has flown with airlines in Australia and overseas for 26 years, accumulating some 12,500 flying hours. He joined Hazelton Airlines in 1999 as Flight Operations and Standards Manager and later Chief Pilot. He has been with Rex since its beginning in 2002, occupying the positions of Executive General Manager Operations, Managing Director Operations, Chief of Staff of the Chairman's Office and Managing Director. Mr. Davis is a former Chairman of the Australian Airline Pilot Academy Pty Ltd (AAPA) and a former Director of Rex Group companies Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd and Air Link Pty Ltd. He currently sits on the Board of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) as Vice Chairman.

Mr. Davis was appointed to the board of Rex on 26 August 2004. He was re-elected to the Board on 23 November 2011.

Neville Howell
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Howell has over 32 years of aviation experience and has been with the Company since its inception in August 2002. He has operated the Saab 340 as a First Officer and Captain for over 18 years for both Hazelton Airlines and Regional Express. Prior to his role as GM Flight Operations (GMFO) and Chief Pilot, Mr. Howell was Manager Training & Checking and Deputy Chief Pilot. He is an extensively qualified and experienced simulator and aircraft instructor and has held positions as both Training and Check Captain. Mr. Howell was the Chief Flying Instructor and Chief Pilot for the first integrated pilot training academy in Australia and has provided cadet pilot training for both domestic and international carriers. He is a qualified lecturer in a number of aviation subjects and has a Diploma of Aviation. He holds a number of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) delegations and has done since 1984. Mr. Howell became Chief Operating Officer in July 2014. As Chief Operating Officer he is responsible for Regional Express operations including flight operations, continuing airworthiness, maintenance control, airport operations and the human factors group.

Mr. Howell was appointed as an Executive Director on 1 July 2014.

Chris Hine
Non - Executive Director

Mr. Hine has over 20 years of aviation experience including 15 years as a First Officer and Captain of Metroliner and Saab 340 aircraft and is a well-accomplished and knowledgeable instructor. He has been with the Company since its inception in August 2002 and prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer was General Manager Flight Operations and Chief Pilot. Prior to Rex he worked for Kendell Airlines from 1995 during which time he held various Check and Training Captain positions. As Chief Operating Officer he was responsible for the Company's operations including flight operations, maintenance control, airport operations and the human factors group. Mr. Hine has also had experience as a lecturer in Cockpit Systems Management for the Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil Aviation) degree at the University of South Australia. He was previously the Chairman of the Australian Airline Pilot Academy Pty Ltd (AAPA).

Mr. Hine was appointed as a Director on 1 March 2011. He was re-elected to the Board on 23 November 2011.


Ronald Bartsch
Independent Director

Mr. Bartsch has over 30 years experience in the aviation industry in a variety of senior operational, safety and regulatory roles. He was head of safety and regulatory compliance for Qantas Airways' Limited AOC and manager of the CASA Sydney Airline Transport Field Office.

In addition, Mr. Bartsch is an experienced pilot and has extensive legal and regulatory experience. Mr. Bartsch has formal qualifications in law, education and science, and is the author of the definitive legal textbook on aviation law. Mr. Bartsch is an international aviation safety consultant and senior visiting fellow with the Department of Aviation at the University of New South Wales.

Mr. Bartsch was appointed to the board of Rex on 23 November 2010. He was re-elected to the Board on 23 November 2011.


Lee Thian Soo
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Lee has extensive international business experience and currently is the Chairman and owner of a company supplying specialty medical devices, systems and drugs to healthcare institutions in the ASEAN region. He is also on the board of a biomedical company and a mobile/internet gaming company.

Mr. Lee was one of the founding shareholders and directors of Rex.

Mr. Lee was appointed to the board of Rex on 27 June 2003. He was re-elected to the Board on 16 November 2006, 25 November 2009 and 27 November 2012.

Garry Filmer
Alternate Director to Christopher Hine

Mr Filmer retired as Chief Operating Officer of Rex on the 1st of July 2014 and is currently an Alternate Director to Chris Hine.

Mr. Filmer is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with over 36 years experience and has been involved in Regional Airline and Maintenance Repair Organisation management over the last 20 years, holding positions such as Engineering Manager and General Manager Engineering. He joined Rex in 2007 as Engineering Advisor in the Chairman's Office and as a member of the Engineering Management Committee was involved in the coordination of projects such as the management of Ground Support Equipment, review of engineering resources and the recruitment of staff. He became General Manager Engineering in June 2008 and then Chief Operating Officer in March 2012.

Mr. Filmer was appointed as an Alternate Director to Christopher Hine on the 1 July 2014. He was an Executive Director from 1 March 2012 to 30 June 2014.






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