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Program & Benefits | Terms & Conditions | My Account

1. Introduction

(a) These Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time apply to all aspects of the Rex Flyer program.
(b) Your Membership to the Rex Flyer program will be governed by these Terms and Conditions, and it is your responsibility to read and understand them.
(c) All Members of the Rex Flyer program are responsible for remaining aware of the current Terms and Conditions.
(d) Regional Express has used all reasonable efforts to ensure the information provided to Members in relation to the Rex Flyer program is accurate and correct. However, to the extent permitted by law, Regional Express accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misdescription.


2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

Administration Fee means the prevailing administrative fee as stipulated on Regional Express’s website;

Application Form means the online application form to become a Member of the Rex Flyer program, which can be found on Regional Express's website;

Acceptance Date means the date upon which Regional Express processes the Member's application to enrol in the Rex Flyer Program;

Eligible Sector means a Sector flown by a Member using a ticket that is not a Free or Discounted Ticket;

Free or Discounted Ticket, includes but is not limited to:
(a) tickets or sectors flown on chartered flights;
(b) tickets issued as Rex Flyer Rewards Flights;
(c) travel industry rebated tickets;
(d) competition prize tickets; or
(e) tickets acquired at an auction.

Member means the person whose name is printed on the Membership Card and who has been accepted as a member of the Rex Flyer program;

Card means the Rex Flyer Electronic Membership Card, issued to the Member within seven working days of Regional Express processing a Member's Application Form;

Membership Fee means $27.50 (incl GST) or such other amount as may be advised to the applicant by Regional Express at the time of joining;

Partner Service Provider means those suppliers with which Regional Express has an agreement for the supply of goods or services to Members;

Password means the alpha numeric characters which are chosen by the Member and communicated to Regional Express in the Application Form;

Regional Express means Regional Express Holdings Limited ABN 18 099 547 270 trading as Regional Express;

Re-issue Fee means $44.00 (incl GST) or such other amount as may be determined by Regional Express and advised to the Member from time to time;

Rex Lounge means the Regional Express passenger lounge program offering exclusive use of dedicated lounge areas at certain airports to members of the Rex Lounge program;

Rex Flyer means Regional Express' frequent flyer program which is governed by these Terms and Conditions;

Rex Flyer Account means the Member’s Rex Flyer Rewards Points opened and operated by Regional Express upon processing a Member's application to become a member of Rex Flyer;

Rex Flyer Reward Flight means a one Sector (one boarding pass) flight awarded to the Member free of charge (subject to the Member paying the relevant ticket and airport taxes) in accordance with the terms of Clause 5.2;

Rex Flyer Rewards Point means each point that accrues to the Member's Rex Flyer Account as a result of the Member booking and flying an Eligible Sector with Regional Express. A Member will be awarded one Rex Flyer Reward Point for each Eligible Sector flown by the Member in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out in Clause 5;

Sector is defined by the number of boarding passes issued to the Member by Regional Express for any particular flight. One boarding pass is equal to one flight or one sector. For example a flight from Sydney to Melbourne via Albury requires two boarding passes and therefore counts as two sectors or flights. A flight from Mildura to Sydney via Griffith is one boarding pass and therefore counts as one sector or flight. Return flights are counted as two sectors.

3. Membership

3.1 Individual Membership
(a) Individual Membership is open to individuals who are over
2 years of age and is not transferable.
(b) Individual Members must enrol separately but may hold duplicate Memberships to the Rex Flyer program for commercial and private use at any given time.
(c) Enrolment will only be accepted via the Rex Flyer website. Rex reserves the right to deny a membership application should an individual enrols otherwise.
(d) Each Member will be assigned a Membership number upon receipt and processing of your Rex Flyer Application Form together with payment of the Membership Fee (GST included).

3.2 Changes to the Terms and Conditions
(a) Regional Express reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion at any time and without notice.
(b) Regional Express will use reasonable endeavours to advise Members of any such changes, including by posting details of the changes on the Regional Express website ( ) but does not accept any liability whatsoever for any failure to do so.
(c) Regional Express may in the future change the Rex Flyer sector based program to a points or mileage program.
(d) Regional Express may in the future partner with an existing airline frequent travellers program.
(e) Subject to paragraph (d) above, the Rex Flyer Membership costs $27.50 (inclusive of GST) and is valid for 3 years. Membership can be renewed for subsequent 3 years, upon the payment of membership fees.

4. Membership Card

(a) Upon acceptance of the Member's application to the Rex Flyer program, each Member will be assigned a Membership number and will be issued with a welcome letter and Membership Card.
(b) By agreeing to purchase Rex Flyer Membership and using either the Membership Card or Membership number or both, the Member agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
(c) The Membership Card is and shall remain at all times the property of Regional Express and must be returned on demand.
(d) The Membership Card is valid for use only by the Member whose name is printed on the Membership Card. In the event a person other than a person whose name is printed on the Membership Card attempts to use the Membership Card, Regional Express may confiscate the Membership Card or terminate the Membership of the person whose name is on the Membership Card or both, at Regional Express's discretion.
(e) Regional Express reserves the right to require the Member to produce the Membership Card at any time while issuing a ticket to the Member or while the Member is travelling on a Rex Flyer Reward Flight or otherwise claiming or utilising any Rex Flyer Rewards Points.
(f) Regional Express will not be liable for misuse of a Membership Card.

5. How to Earn Rex Flyer Rewards Points

5.1 General
(a) Each Member is responsible for ensuring that Rex Flyer Rewards Points are properly credited to his or her Rex Flyer Account. To earn Rex
Flyer Rewards Points, Members must quote their name and Membership number as per the Rex Flyer account records when booking an Eligible Sector flight on Regional Express. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that the correct details are provided before check-in of the Eligible Sector flight. The Member acknowledges that they will not be awarded Rex Flyer Rewards Points should they fail to do so.
(b) Rex Flyer Rewards Points can only be earned after the Member's application has been processed by Regional Express and a Rex Flyer membership number has been issued to the Member. Rex Flyer Rewards Points will only be applied to the Rex Flyer Account of the Member in whose name the relevant Eligible Sector flight is being booked. Rex Flyer Rewards Points will not be awarded (and may be deducted from Members' Rex Flyer Accounts) for cancellations made by or on behalf of the Member or refunded products. Where the cancellation is as a result of Regional Express's own internal operational reasons, Regional Express may, in its absolute discretion, choose to award, or not award the subject Rex Flyer Rewards Points, depending upon the circumstances.
(c) In cases where Regional Express deems verification is required, Regional Express reserves the right to require proof of earning from the Member, including copies of e-ticket itineraries and/or original boarding passes from Eligible Sector flights or copies of receipts proving purchase of Eligible Sectors flights.
(d)Regional Express may, in its absolute discretion, award Rex Flyer Rewards Points for Eligible Sectors booked by a Member prior to applying to become a Member of Rex Flyer but flown after the Application Date. Boarding passes or other evidence of the Eligible Sector will need to be produced to claim an Eligible Sector that is booked before joining Rex Flyer but flown after the Application Date.
(e) Any discrepancies in respect of Rex Flyer Rewards Points must be brought to the attention of the Regional Express Service Centre at by the Member within six (6) months of the applicable flight or transaction. No amendments will be made after this period. Regional Express will not entertain any requests for retroactive crediting of points under any circumstances not due to the direct negligence of Regional Express if Clause 5.1(a) is not fulfilled.
The Member agrees Regional Express will be the final arbiter in any dispute between them.
(f) Rex Flyer Rewards Points cannot be sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redeemed (whether for valuable consideration or otherwise) except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5.2 Redemption of Rex Flyer Rewards Points for Rex Flyer Reward Flights
(a) One Rex Flyer Reward Point will be accrued for each Eligible Sector actually flown by the Member. Return flights are counted as two (2) Eligible Sectors earning the Member double the Rex Flyer Rewards Points.
(b) Subject to paragraph below, upon a Member accruing nine (9) Rex Flyer Rewards Points, Regional Express will award the Member with one Rex Flyer Reward Flight.

5.3 Rex Flyer Rewards Points Validity
(a) Rex Flyer Rewards Points will generally accrue and be issued
within 72 hours of completion of an Eligible Sector being flown by a Member, or otherwise as soon as practicable after Regional Express is notified by the Member that the Member has flown an Eligible Sector (under clause 5.1(c)) for which Regional Express has not yet credited the Member's Rex Flyer Account and Regional Express has agreed to credit the Members Rex Flyer Account with the corresponding Rex Flyer Rewards Points.
(b) Rex Flyer Rewards Points that are accrued and not redeemed by Members will expire two (2
) years from the date on which the relevant Rex Flyer Rewards Point was earned. Points that have expired cannot be reinstated under any circumstances.
(c) The Member acknowledges and agrees that Rex Flyer Rewards Points will not be credited for Sectors flown by the Member using Free or Discounted Tickets.

6. Rex Flyer Reward Flights

(a) Members acknowledge and agree that Members will be personally liable for, and must pay, any and all ticket and airport taxes in respect of a Rex Flyer Reward Flight earned by the Member. Failure to pay such taxes will be deemed a repudiation of these Terms and Conditions by the Member and the Member will forfeit its right to the relevant Rex Flyer Reward Flight and have no further recourse to Regional Express.

(b) The Member may assign any Rex Flyer Reward Flight that he or she may have earned to any natural person over the age
of 2 years old and to whom Regional Express has no objection. Where Regional Express has notified the Member that it objects to the person to whom the assignment of the Member's Rex Flyer Reward Flight is proposed, then the Member:
(1) must not assign their Rex Flyer Reward Flight to that person, and the Member acknowledges that Regional Express will not honour any assignment of the Rex Flyer Reward Flight to any such person; and
(2) may elect to take the Rex Flyer Reward Flight themselves or may elect to assign the Rex Flyer to another natural person over the
age of 2 years old to whom Regional Express has no objection.

(c) For online redemptions, the Member may also assign Reward Flights to any natural person over the age of 2 years old and to whom Regional Express has no objection, but is subject to booking restrictions.

(d) If a Member fails to comply with (b)(1) or (b)(2) above in circumstances where Regional Express has notified the Member that it objects to the person to whom the Member wishes to assign the Rex Flyer Reward Flight, the Member will be deemed to have forfeited the subject Rex Flyer Reward Flight and can make no objection to or claim in respect of such forfeiture.

(e) For the avoidance of doubt, the Member need not travel with a person to whom they have validly assigned their Rex Flyer Reward Flight under paragraph (b) above.

(f) If the Member is an Australian taxpayer, free flights earned under the Rex Flyer program may be subject to personal income or other tax assessment. Accordingly, Members are advised to check with their accountant, lawyer or tax adviser for further advice.

(g) Use of Rex Flyer Reward Flight tickets that have been acquired by purchase or obtained for any other consideration, may result in the tickets being confiscated or the passenger being denied boarding or both. If the Member has already commenced travel on the Rex Flyer Reward Ticket, any continued travel will be at the Member or passenger's expense on a full-fare basis. The passenger and Member may also be liable to Regional Express for the cost of a full fare ticket for any Sector flown on a sold or bartered ticket in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

7. Rex Flyer Reward Flight Ticketing

7.1 Tickets
(a) Rex Flyer Reward
Flights must be booked, ticketed and used within 6 months from the date of accrual entitling the Member to a Rex Flyer Reward Flight was accrued by the Member. Extension of the validity is not permitted. Once expired, Rex Flyer Reward Flights cannot be reinstated. A statement of the Member’s account is sent by email every month and the status can also be viewed by accessing Member’s My Account page online.

(b) Redemption of Reward Flight(s) can be made either:

(1) via a secured Member’s page on the website without incurring an administrative fee. All online redemptions are subject to applicable taxes and charges as well as the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

(2) by phone on 13 17 13 which is subject to the prevailing administrative fee (including GST) per redemption in addition to the applicable taxes and charges.

(c) All Rex Flyer Reward Flight bookings will be ticketed electronically. For online redemptions, Members will receive a confirmation email to the address advised.
(d) If the
Member is 14 years of age or younger, reservations must be made on his or her behalf by a parent or legal guardian.

7.2 Rex Flyer Reward Flight - Changes & Re-issues
(a) Any changes requested by phone (13 17 13) after the issue of a Rex Flyer Reward Flight ticket will incur a Re-issue Fee per flight sector. Changes include, but are not limited to:

(1) change to name of the person flying; or
(2) cancellation of the ticket

No changes to the booking permitted within 48 hrs prior to departure.

(b) Where Rex Flyer Reward Flights are cancelled due to Regional Express's internal operational reasons and reasonable alternative travel cannot be arranged, Regional Express will waive the re-issue Fee on any Rex Flyer Reward Flight ticket submitted for refund and re credit or will reissue the Rex Flyer Reward Flight ticket on the next available flight at Regional Express's sole discretion.

7.3 Rex Flyer Reward Flight - Cancellation & Refunds
(a) Rex Flyer Reward Flight tickets issued for travel on Regional Express may be submitted for refund or re-credit up to 3 days prior to the scheduled date of travel, and will incur an Administration Fee.
(b) Once travel has commenced on a Rex Flyer Reward Flight ticket, the ticket will be considered to have been redeemed, even if remaining travel is not completed. A Sector or Sectors will not be refunded or re credited for any unused portion of a Rex Flyer Reward Flight.
(c) Failure to board a Sector of a Rex Flyer Reward Flight (i.e. no-show) will result in the forfeiture of that issued Rex Flyer Reward Flight ticket and the Member agrees that they cannot object or make any claim against Regional Express for any such forfeiture.

8. Breach of Terms and Conditions

8.1 Regional Express reserves the right to:
(a) cancel or refuse to honour any Rex Flyer Reward Flight which was booked, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise obtained or redeemed in breach of these Terms and Conditions at any time, without liability;
(b) reverse or cancel any flights credited to a Member incorrectly, not in accordance with or in breach of these Terms and Conditions at any time without liability.
(c) suspend a Member's Membership, and
(d) reverse or cancel any accrued Rex Flyer Rewards Points from a Member's Rex Flyer Account in the event that monies are owed by that Member to Regional Express or any of its subsidiaries and such monies remain unpaid after the due date.

9. Membership Term

9.1 Membership to the Rex Flyer program is valid for 3 years. Membership can be renewed for subsequent 3 years, upon the payment of membership fees.

10. Use of Personal Information

10.1 It is a condition of Membership that the Member consent and authorise Regional Express to use and disclose to Partner Service Providers, and any other person (including without limitation a related body corporate, agent or contractor) the information on the Member's Application Form and other information the Member provides to Regional Express for the purpose of:
(a) Regional Express providing services to the Member, including the awarding of Rex Flyer Rewards Points and Rex Flyer Reward Flights;
(b) Regional Express improving Regional Express customer service, including by means of research, marketing, product development and planning; and
(c) Regional Express marketing its products or services or the products or services of its partners.
(d) any third party providing services to Regional Express.

10.2 If all or any part of the requested information is not provided by the Member, the services provided to Members by Regional Express may be affected.

10.3 The Member's country of residence will be determined by the mailing address nominated upon joining. The mailing address will also be used to determine a Member’s eligibility for promotions and other offerings. Changes to
Member’s profile can be made online at the Regional Express website.

(a) The Member must maintain an active mailing address, phone number and a valid email address for official communication purposes. Each Member shall be responsible for advising Regional Express of any change of name. Changes to other details must be made online by the Member on the Rex Flyer website. Regional Express will not hold any responsibility for the maintenance of member details.

(b) Regional Express is responsible for sending monthly updates and may send notices from time to time to the Member at the email address provided. Any notice by Regional Express under these Terms of Use by email shall be deemed given on the day the email is sent.

10.4 Regional Express will provide the Member with access to the Member's personal information held by Regional Express on request by the Member to the extent permitted or required by law. Only the Member named on the Rex Flyer Account will be entitled to access Rex Flyer Account information or make any alteration or correction of such information.

10.5 The Password chosen by the Member at the time of applying, along with the Member's surname, secret question, secret answer, date of joining, mailing address and/or recent travel details will be used for security of Membership information. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure the Membership Card and Password are kept secure.

10.6 The Member acknowledges that Regional Express may, from time to time, be required to comply with validly served and executed court orders and subpoenas and to cooperate with investigations by state and federal agencies. Under these circumstances or where otherwise required by law, the Member's personal information may be shared with others with or without the Member's knowledge or consent.

10.7 Regional Express does not retain nor pass on any information relating to credit card details or other forms of payment submitted to it by it customers.

10.8 Regional Express will only use personal information collected from the Member in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Member's can view a copy of Regional Express's Privacy Policy by going to Regional Express's web site at or by calling Regional Express on 13 17 13.

11. Termination

11.1 Regional Express reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion and without notice to:
(a) terminate or materially alter any Rex Flyer services, or any aspect of the operation of the Rex Flyer program;
(b) revoke the Membership of the Member to the Rex Flyer program or the right of the Member to use the Membership Card or both. The Membership Card must be returned immediately to Regional Express when so demanded by Regional Express.

11.2 Any breach of these Terms and Conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination of Membership or the cancellation of Rex Flyer Rewards Points or both at the sole discretion of Regional Express.

11.3 Without limiting Regional Express's ability to terminate a Member's Membership under any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, Regional Express may terminate a Membership if, in the reasonable opinion of Regional Express, the Member has:
(a) abused any facilities, products, services or arrangements afforded to the Member as a result of Membership in Rex Flyer or otherwise as a passenger of Regional Express;
(b) the Member has displayed or engaged in inappropriate behaviour whilst on-board a Regional Express flight or in a premises controlled by Regional Express, which is or may be likely to be detrimental to the interests of Regional Express;
(c) supplied or attempted to supply misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to Regional Express.

11.4 Membership will automatically terminate in the event of death of a Member.

11.5 Unless otherwise set out in these Terms and Conditions, upon termination of a Membership, Regional Express will not refund the Membership Fee.

12. Governing Laws

12.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales irrespective of where the application for Membership has been completed by the Member or submitted to Regional Express and any action or other legal process with respect to any matter or thing in connection with these Terms and Conditions against Regional Express shall unless otherwise agreed by Regional Express be instituted and carried on only in the appropriate Court of the State of New South Wales.


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