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  Fees & Surcharges FAQ


When will a Booking/Handling Fee and Credit/Debit Card Surcharge not apply?
There is no surcharge imposed for bookings with cheque/cash payments.

When do I receive my Tax Invoice?
If you book through the internet, a PDF file will be emailed to you within 48 hours after you have completed your booking.

If your booking is through a travel agent, the travel agent will be responsible for providing you with an invoice.

For bookings via our customer contact centre, we can fax or email you a copy of the invoice if requested at the time of booking.
Rex recommends that you keep your Tax Invoice as additional requests will incur fees.

What if I need a replacement Tax Invoice?
A charge of $44.00 per invoice will be incurred for all additional Tax Invoices. Alternatively you may search and print your tax invoice at Print Invoices

What if my ticket is paid at a Travel Agent?
Please refer back to your Travel Agent for all requests.

What does it mean to reissue my ticket?
Any changes which are made to the ticket will require your ticket to be reissued. All reissues incur an applicable admin fee per flight sector as stated in the fare rules.





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