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At Rex, we aim to take you to your destination on time, every time. With all the new airport security measures,
we need your cooperation in arriving at the airport with sufficient time to check-in and boarding early so that you
do not hold up a whole plane load of other passengers.

As stated in the Rex conditions of carriage, all counters will stop accepting customers for check-in

  • 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time at Burketown airport
  • 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time at Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland airports (with the exception of Burketown above)
  • 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time at regional airports in NSW, SA, TAS and VIC

Due to this new timing, we strongly recommend that all passengers WITH checked baggage present themselves
60 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure and if travelling without checked baggage, 40 minutes prior.
Passengers at regional airports should also endeavour to be at check-in early, allowing at least 30 minutes prior
to scheduled time of departure.

Please familiarise yourselves with our new Minimum Connecting Times here before making a booking.

Passengers that fail to present themselves at check in by this time may NOT be permitted to board and be deemed
as "No Show" which may result in the forfeiture of your fare for certain fare classes.

All passengers who have checked in are required to be at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes
before scheduled time of departure. Failure to do so will result in offloading of passengers and their bags
as well as forfeiture of fares.



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