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Ambulance Victoria (AV) Aircraft First Flight

Completed Ambulance Victoria livery
In January 2010, Rex wholly owned subsidiary Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd (Pel-Air) was awarded the contract for the provision of Fixed Wing Patient Transport Services by the Victorian State Government.

The 10-year contract entails the supply of fixed-wing air transport to Ambulance Victoria for medical evacuation of patients to and from regional areas.

After months of hard work by the Pel-Air Ambulance Victoria (AV) Project Team, the first AV King Air aircraft, VH-VAD, was accepted on 21 April 2011 in Cairns by Pel-Air. The aircraft then departed Cairns on its first flight to Essendon airport via Brisbane with its AV-modifications fully completed.

To date, the second aircraft has also been accepted and the remaining 2 aircraft will be completed and accepted in time for the commencement of the AV contract on 1 July 2011


WATS Exhibition

AAPA Chairman Chris Hine presenting
the AAPA experience in delivering a
successful Rex cadet program
The World Aviation Training Symposium (WATS), a conference and tradeshow event held in Orlando, Florida is the biggest aviation training tradeshow in the world. Held over a period of three days in April, this event drew more than 1,000 delegates from 100 airlines, nearly 400 companies and 50 countries. Representatives of Rex’s Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) were present at the conference.

  AAPA Chairman Chris Hine presenting
  the AAPA experience in delivering a
  successful Rex cadet program
Due to the unprecedented regulatory change, fast advancing aircraft and training technologies and continued commercial and environmental pressures in the aviation training industry, the overall theme of WATS 2011 was aptly named as “A New Era in Global Aviation Simulation and Training.” Besides the usual booth setup in the exhibition hall, AAPA Chairman Chris Hine was also invited to speak at the conference to share Rex’s and AAPA’s experience in delivering a very successful Cadet Program.

It was definitely great exposure of the relatively young brand name of AAPA on the global front.



  The AAPA booth at APATS Ab Initio and Evidence
  Based Training conference
Rex’s Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) Chief Flying Instructor & GM Flight Operations and Chief Operating Officer attended the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) Ab Initio and Evidence Based Training conference that was held in conjunction with the Asian Aerospace 2011 in Hong Kong from 8-10 March 2011.

This is an annual key event in Asia which provides a platform for key executives from airlines and pilot training providers to learn more about the various aspects of ab initio and evidence-based training as well as topics of great interest to the rapidly developing airline industry in the People’s Republic of China.

AAPA was given the opportunity to do a presentation, presenting “Running an Effective Airline Ab Initio Cadet Programme” on Day 2 of the symposium enabling AAPA to gain international exposure.



  Interested parties watching the AAPA video
Held every two years, the “Avalon International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition” was once again back in Melbourne. The Air Show was held over a period of six days, from 1 March 2011 to 6 March 2011. 2011 proved to be a special year as it marks the 90th anniversary of the Royal Australian Airforce and centenary of Australia’s first passenger flight.

On the Rex Group front, Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) participated in the exhibition for the very first time. The AAPA exhibit was very well received and the show proved to be good exposure for the Academy.



The FY 2011 half-year results were announced on 23 February 2011. There was a Group Profit Before Tax of $12.2 million, representing a reduction of 5.4% from the previous period in FY 2010.

In addition, in comparison to the same period in FY 2010, Group Revenue increased by 2.9% to $121.2 million. Passengers carried decreased by 1.4% to 632,777, however fuel costs increased by 4.9% to $16.0 million and other costs and expenses increased by 3.8% to 93.0 million.

The half-year investor briefing also saw the announcement of Rex Management and Board changes, including the appointment of Chris Hine as the newest Director and the stepping down of David Miller from the Board of Directors. This investor briefing was David’s last as a Director of Rex.

  Board of Directors: (from left) John Sharp, Jim Davis, Lee Thian Soo, Lim Kim Hai, Russell Hodge,
  Ron Bartsch, David Miller (outgoing), Chris Hine (incoming)


Regional Express AGM 2010

This year''s AGM was held on 24 November 2010. Deputy Chairman John Sharp chaired the meeting and addressed all shareholders, reporting on the stellar results of Rex against all odds. A recap of the past financial year was more positive than the year before and Rex did well to recover from the pilot shortage, Global Financial Crisis and high fuel prices, scooping several global airline recognition awards along the way.

The following resolutions were voted in during the AGM:

Resolution 1: Adoption of the Remuneration Report
Resolution 2: Re-election of David Miller as a Director

  AGM in Progress



The Rex family is extremely pleased to welcome our newest Rex Ambassador – Kay Hull.

A Member for Riverina for 12 years, Kay Hull was a passionate and strong advocate on regional economic development, small business, health & aged care & disability issues, as well as regional aviation. Kay has always been a strong supporter of Rex, recognizing the benefits that it brought to the regional areas.

In 2005, Rex named an aircraft after Kay, with a caricature of her being featured on the aircraft.

On 28 August 2010, a farewell dinner for Kay was organized by The Nationals Wagga Wagga Branch and the turn out was tremendous. Rex was well-represented in honour of Kay and the surprise announcement of her being named a Rex Ambassador was part of the program. Rex Managing Director Jim Davis was on hand to make a tribute to Kay and presented Kay with a model of her aircraft, complete with mini caricature and new rego VH-KAY.

Kay was extremely surprised and accepted with no hesitation, her new title of a Rex Ambassador.

  Jim paying a tribute to Kay   Kay is extremely pleased with her aircraft



Former aircraft VH-OLN undertook its last flight on 19 May 2010 when it took off from the Rex hangar in Wagga Wagga and landed a short 400 m away at the new AAPA campus where it will have a new lease of life as a static training model for crew undergoing training there.

  Jenny South with sons Sam and Angus
  in front of VH-PBS
This last flight was no ordinary flight as OLN had to be specially lifted by a crane over two airport fences, across the paddock and Don Kendell Drive before finally reaching its new home. Don Kendell Drive had to be closed for the 1.5 hour exercise.

VH-OLN originally belonged to Hazelton Arlines and entered service on 6 October 1990. The final flight was on 4 June 2008, being decommissioned on the same day.

After it was decided that it was important for a dedicated training aid and that VH-OLN was to be used as a "classroom" in the Academy, refurbishment work was commenced in April 2010 in order to get VH-OLN back into shape.

Due to the decommissioning of the aircraft, VH-OLN was no longer registered and a new registration was to be used. Rex then decided that the new registration will be VH-PBS, in memory of Philip Bruce South, Rex Wagga Wagga Production Leader who sadly passed away last year. Phil had been with Kendell Airlines and then Rex for 21 years.

  In memory
A small unveiling ceremony was conducted on 27 May 2010 on site in the presence of Phil’s widow Jenny South and his two sons, Rex Management, Rex ambassadors as well as Rex Wagga Engineers amongst others. After a short tribute was paid, Phil's sons Sam and Angus unveiled the stone plaque commemorating this fitting tribute to a beloved member of the Kendell and Rex families.

In memory of Philip Bruce South. An engineer, a colleague, a mentor, and most importantly friend to all at Rex.



  Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai with Rex
  Ambassadors Eilish Kendell and Max Kingston
The Rex Group FY 2010 half year results announcement was held on 24 February 2010. The Hon. John Sharp presented the results at the investor’s briefing, bringing investors through the results of a better second quarter which saw the first half profit results only down 8.6% over the prior period after recording a 20% reduction in the first quarter. He also indicated a profit forecast for FY 2010 to be close to that achieved in the previous FY of $23.0M.

Rex's recent award of 2010 of World's Best Regional Airline of the Year from Air Transport World was also highlighted. The last and only Australian regional airline that has received this honour was Kendell airlines. Both trophies were proudly displayed at the briefing. Eilish Kendell was also present and it was indeed a touching moment for her as she recalled the day when Kendell was given the award.

  Kendell's trophy from back in 1991 with Rex's trophy from 2010.



  Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai accepting the award
  from ATW Editorial Director Perry Flint
Following the announcement of the naming of Rex as Air Transport World's (ATW) 2010 Regional Airline of the Year in January 2010, the ATW awards presentation dinner was held in Singapore on 1 February 2010.

Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai was on hand to receive the prestigious award, supported by members of the Rex Management Committee and their spouses. In his acceptance speech, he acknowledged the efforts and hard work of the Management Committee and all our staff, going through the same challenging journey, rising from the Ansett ashes and becoming what it is today.







  Rex Management and spouses
ATW summed it up best in stating that Rex's ability to grow and prosper while winning strong customer accolades makes it a highly deserving recipient of the 2010 Regional Airline of the Year award.

With this great start to 2010, it is an exciting year ahead for Rex as we continue to work hard and reap the fruits of our labour.



The airline world's most coveted and valued honour, the Air Transport World® (ATW) Industry Achievement Award, has been conferred on Rex as the Regional Airline of the Year 2010.

This award is in recognition of the airline’s superior safety record and operational excellence that have been demonstrated by outstanding punctuality and flight completion. The airline was also praised for its outstanding customer service as evidenced by the consistent top rankings in consumer polls over the years.

On Rex’s financial performance, the ATW editors highlighted, "The strength of the company's business model is demonstrated by the fact that in the fiscal year ended June 2009, a period encompassing the global financial crisis, earnings dipped less than 6% compared to the prior year, and Rex remained profitable in the first quarter of the 2009/10 financial year. The carrier's strong profit performance is matched by its rock-solid balance sheet with no long-term debt."

The editors further commended Rex for its highly unusual but successful business strategy, "Rex is the sole operator on most of its routes and caters to a base of non-discretionary business travellers, so it could have pursued a strategy of raising fares and reducing capacity. Instead, in what it calls the Rex Virtuous Cycle, it becomes its own competitor by increasing frequency on a route whenever the load factor exceeds 70%. This causes load factors to fall with a corresponding decline in average fares that stimulates further demand, beginning the cycle again."

"The Rex Virtuous Cycle has led to better service and lower fares for consumers, while shareholders have enjoyed six consecutive years of profit," added ATW Editorial Director Perry Flint.

"Rex's ability to grow and prosper while winning strong customer accolades makes it a highly deserving recipient of the 2010 Regional Airline of the Year award."

Lim Kim Hai, Rex’s Executive Chairman said that Australia can be proud of laying claim on a regional carrier that is second to none in the world. "In the 36-year history of the awards, this is only the second time that an Australian regional has been bestowed this honour which had been monopolised predominantly by the large American carriers. I am proud to say that the award winner in 1991 was none other than Kendell airlines, one of the two constituent airlines of Rex."

The award will be presented on 1 February 2010 in Singapore at ATW's gala dinner and awards celebration at the Swissotel-The Stamford.

Rex would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued "Rex Flyers" for your loyalty and patronage throughout the last 7 years. Without our regular customers, such awards are simply not possible. Rex very much values your continued patronage throughout regional Australia.



  Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai receiving the
  award from Forbes, Inc. Vice-Chairman
  Christopher Forbes
The prestigious Forbes magazine (Asia) recently ranked Rex among the top 200 listed companies in Asia Pacific with revenue less than USD1 billion in the September issue. This is a list of the best small and midsized companies throughout the Asia Pacific region. The winners were culled from 25,326 publicly listed companies and were selected based on profitability, growth, moderate indebtedness and future prospects.

Presentation of the Forbes awards was held in Singapore last month and Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai was present to receive the award for Rex.

He commented, "It is a huge honour to be placed amongst the best in the Asia Pacific especially as it comprises such huge and dynamic economies like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore and Australia. There were no other airlines selected and in Australia there were only 17 other companies that made it to the list."

"Coming on top of the recent ranking by Aviation Week, based on a study by Standard and Poors, which placed Rex as the best regional airline in the world, Australia can be proud of laying claim to having a regional air service that is of the highest calibre and which is second to none in the world."



The annual 2009 Wagga Wagga business awards, dubbed the Golden Crow Awards, were held on 23 October 2009 in Wagga Wagga. The prestigious awards, established in 1987, and formerly known as the Outstanding Business Awards, are regarded as the premier business event in the Wagga Wagga region and recognise and honour excellence and outstanding achievements in business. The 2009 awards were a huge success with more than 300 business people attending the awards dinner.

  (L-R) AAPA Director Chris Hine, Rex GM Network
  Strategy & Sales Warrick Lodge, Rex Ambassador
  Mrs Eilish Kendell & AAPA General Manager & Chief
  Flying Instructor Geoff Cook
Rex's Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) was a finalist for the category of Best New Business, along with four other shortlisted finalists. Representatives from AAPA and Rex attended the awards dinner and were extremely happy when AAPA was announced to be a joint-winner of the category. It was a good testament to the contribution that AAPA has brought to the city of Wagga Wagga as well as the hard work put in by all the AAPA staff thus far.

AAPA requires a massive commercial investment by Rex with stage one construction costs totalling more than $12 million. Total investment between 2009 and 2014 will exceed more than $25 million. AAPA has a vision to train up to 200 pilots per year and this will lead to the establishment of 70 specialised regional jobs in Wagga Wagga. AAPA will not only train Rex pilot’s through the Rex pilot cadet scheme, but it will also train pilots for both domestic and international airlines alike. It is exciting times ahead on the AAPA front.



The 1st of October 2009 was a long-awaited day for many in Rex. It marked the day where Rex formally commenced services between Townsville and Mackay. Symbolically, it also marked the day whereby days of hard work and effort put in by various staff came to see fruition.

Both the Townsville and Mackay communities have been particularly supportive of Rex's foray into their midst, as they all recognize the value of competition.

  Townsville Councillors Sue Blom & Brian Hewett cutting
  the ceremonial ribbon – Townsville Airport COO
  Kevin Gill,Rex GM Network Strategy & Sales
  Warrick Lodge & Rex Managing Director Jim Davis
  watching on
The inaugural flight out of Townsville was scheduled to depart at 11.40am and a special ceremony was held just prior to the departure, with the Mayor of Townsville, Cr Les Tyrell as the Guest-of-Honour. Gracing the ceremony were various guests from the community, including Councillors from Townsville City Council, members of Townsville Enterprise, the Townsville Chamber of Commerce and the media.

Landing in Mackay 10 mins early, Rex was welcomed with a special water canon over spray as the Saab taxied to the bay. With the aircraft parked and ready for passengers to disembark, Captain Barry Anderson stepped out of the cockpit with an emphatic "Welcome to Mackay!" bringing a loud round of applause from all passengers.

  Water canons welcoming the first flight into Mackay
  from Townsville

A similar ceremony was held at Mackay Airport, at the Observation Deck, a lovely outdoor venue. The Mayor of Mackay, Cr Colin Meng took time out to be the Guest-of-Honour of the ceremony. His warm welcome speech was preceded by a welcome from Terry Simpson, the General Manager of Mackay Airport, just over a week into this job. Guests of the Mackay event included city councillors, members of the Mackay Chamber of Commerce, Mackay Tourism, local businesses, travel agents and of course the local media. This was followed by more ribbon-cutting at the aircraft with the Mayor of Mackay doing the honours, supported by his fellow Councillors and Rex management.

The day's events came to an end upon the departure of the inaugural Mackay to Townsville flight at 2.30pm. Rex looks forward to flourishing in Queensland and also takes this opportunity to welcome the new staff members in both Townsville and Mackay, running the operations at both airports.



The third batch of Rex cadet pilots from the Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) graduated on 27 Aug 09 at the AAPA hangar in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Gracing the event as Guest-of-Honour was Cr Kerry Pascoe, Wagga Wagga City Council Mayor.

Other attendees gracing the event include Kay Hull, MP for Riverina, Lindsay Vidler, Wagga Wagga City Council Deputy Mayor, Lyn Russell, Wagga Wagga City Council General Manager and esteemed councilors from the Wagga Wagga City Council.

The highlight of the ceremony was the 3 awards and 1 scholarship given out amongst the graduating cadets.

  Graduating Class of Rex003 with esteemed guests
  and their instructors
The Max Hazelton Award was awarded to Chase Antunovic for outstanding achievements in theory components of the training. This was presented by Max Hazelton.

The Don Kendell Award was awarded to Colin Bosveld for outstanding achievements in flying components of the training. This was presented by Max Hazelton. Eilish Kendell was to have presented this award, but unfortunately could not attend due to prior commitments.

The Chairman's Award was awarded to Chase Antunovic. This award recognises all elements of the pilot training, including overall dedication, attitude and professionalism.

The winner of the scholarship was a double-winner as Colin Bosveld took home the coveted scholarship, in addition to the Don Kendell Award.

  Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai presents a very
  happy Cr Kerry Pascoe with his own "wings" – a token
  of appreciation
All in all, it was a successful graduation ceremony for all involved and one that will be deeply etched into the minds of the nine fine men who will go on to the next in realizing their dreams.

A mention also goes to Joel Seaton from the previous batch, who was to graduate on this same day but couldn’t make it for the ceremony due to an overseas casual job assignment.

Congratulations to him and all the other nine graduates for reaching this milestone!



Mid this month, Rex announced that it will commence services between Townsville and Mackay from the beginning of October.

  Rex Group representatives making the
  announcement in Townsville.
  (L-R) Danny Foster, Warrick Lodge,
  Tony Goebel & Townsville Flight
  Attendant Riana Dinsmore.
Announcing the introduction of the airline's inaugural Northern Queensland service, Rex General Manager Network Strategy and Sales, Warrick Lodge said that, "Rex was excited by the potential for regional air services in Queensland".

With Pel-Air providing charter services for Osborne Mine from Townsville since February 2009, a platform has been set up for this service to commence.

For the first time, the two communities will have 3 return flights most weekdays, allowing the business communities in Townsville and Mackay to spend a full day at their destination and return home for the night.

In Townsville for the announcement, Warrick Lodge (GM Network Strategy & Sales) mentioned how the Rex group of companies always had a vision to grow and expand into Queensland, and sees Townsville as a springboard for that growth.

  David Crisafulli, Warrick Lodge, Kevin
  Gill and our very own Townsville
  Flight Attendant Riana Dinsmore
  having some tarmac fun.
Townsville airport General Manager Kevin Gill was delighted with this development, saying that Rex’s arrival would add 60,000 seats a year to the region, thereby helping to lift business and tourism activity between the centres.

Also gracing the announcement was Townsville Deputy Mayor, David Crisafulli, who mentioned that Townsville was humbled to be selected by Rex to be used as a starting point for Queensland presence.

Attendees at the announcement later proceeded to the tarmac for an aircraft inspection of one of the two SAAB aircraft based in Townsville. This successfully ended the official announcement in Townsville.



  Welcome speech by RexJet General Manager
  Mark Diaz
The charter division of Rex had undergone restructuring and RexJet Executive Charter has been birthed. Bringing in the expertise of Mark Diaz, formerly of Adagold Aviation and MD Aviation, RexJet has the vision to be the largest charter brokerage in Australasia. The newly appointed General Manager of RexJet has years of successful experience in this industry, co-ordinating flights for some of the world’s most recognised names in the corporate & entertainment industries.

RexJet was officially launched on 30 April 09, Thursday with a small but elite guest list of potential clients and partners.

With "Love at First Flight" used to portray the experience that RexJet can provide for clients, RexJet understands unique charter needs and aims to meet all requirements with an impeccable service level.

To find out more about RexJet, please visit



  Corey Bertalli seeing Pauline & Tony off.
  (Photo from The Daily Examiner, Grafton)
As part of the celebratory activities for International Women’s Day, the NSW Woman of the Year award seeks to recognise outstanding achievements of women. This year’s winner, Pauline Plant, is an active member of the Yamba community (participating in 10 local communities) and established the Yamba Breast Cancer support group and Breast Awareness program.

Pauline recently flew to Sydney from Grafton, with her husband, Tony, to attend the Premier’s Reception for the NSW Woman of the Year, compliments of Rex. Rex representative Corey Bertalli was present to see the couple off and to wish them well on their flight to Sydney.


Bushfire Relief Efforts ( February 2009)

In view of the recent bushfires that have left hundreds homeless, Rex had announced that it would be setting up a Bushfire Assistance Fund of $200,000 in the form of air fares and other means to aid those affected by the bushfires. On board collection was organized on all flights and internally, Rex staff were also rallied to contribute.

After two weeks of fundraising, a total of $72,593.29 was raised. Rex had earlier pledged to match these donations dollar-for-dollar from the fund and so the grand total raised will be $145,186.58. This amount will be channelled through to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund.

Managing Director, Jim Davis stated that, "On behalf of the Rex Board, I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the overwhelming generosity of our passengers and staff from throughout the Rex Group of companies. It is extremely gratifying to see this type of response from the community when our fellow Australians face such terrible calamities."

Rex will be adding further to this collection and charity groups and other organisations that are involved in relief efforts can still apply for airfare assistance on the Rex website at until the Rex Bushfire Assistance Fund is exhausted. To date more than $10,000 worth of air tickets have been disbursed.


Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) Inaugural Rex Cadet Pilot Graduation ( November 2008)

  All graduating cadets in full pilot uniform after the ceremony.
The 19th of November 2008 was a day of many events for Rex. Besides hosting our Annual General Meeting for Rex shareholders and announcing our first quarter results at our Rex Headquarters in the Baxter Road Board Room, we also held our Inaugural Rex Cadet Pilot Graduation at our beautiful roof garden.

The ceremony commenced with an opening speech by The Hon. Mark Vaile who made significant changes in his travelling schedule to grace our event as the Guest-of-honour. Mrs Kay Hull, Federal Member for Riverina moved mountains to change her schedule so that she could attend the graduation but had to decline the invitation on the morning due to illness.

Marcus Davey, the Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor also addressed the audience and shared some of the difficulties he faced in the beginning months when the AAPA first started. "From not having the Air Operators Certificate, to not having aircraft to insufficient instructors, we have since come a long way and it’s really an indescribable feeling standing here witnessing the first batch of students graduate from the Academy."

16 cadets from Rex001 were presented a certificate each by the Rex Chief Pilot and AAPA Director Chris Hine for successfully completing the Rex Pilot Cadet Program with the Academy. Martin Janus received the Max Hazelton Award for achieving the highest assessment in flying aspects while Ben Hansen was the proud recipient for the remaining two awards: the Don Kendell Award for achieving the highest assessment in theoretical aspects and the Chairman Awards for achieving the highest overall assessment. As promised by the Rex management at the start of their course, three Full Scholarships amounting to $40,000 each were also awarded and they went to Ben Hansen, Dan Head and Benjamin Lai. In view of the exceptional performance by this first batch, the Rex management decided to give out two additional scholarship awards – the Enhanced Scholarships amounting to $30,000 each were given out to Daniel Aquilina and Piers Ettinger-Epstein. Piers, who is also the course captain for this graduating batch, gave a heartfelt speech in appreciation of all the hard work contributed by every member of AAPA to make it possible for him and his fellow course mates to realise their dreams of becoming pilots.

The ceremony ended with the graduating cadets’ families putting on their epaulettes and wings for them and lots of photo taking.



  First Officer Luke, Flight Attendant Nerise
  andCaptain Lane in Melbourne
In memory of Jane McGrath, Rex is proud to support the McGrath foundation and its worthy cause. Not only was Jane a true inspiration to all people fighting cancer, but she was also previously a Flight Attendant with British Airways. In homage to her past involvement in the airline industry, on Monday 7 July passengers on every Rex flight received a McGrath Foundation donation envelope and were invited to participate in our fundraising drive.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are health professionals specially trained to manage the care of a breast cancer patient throughout the course of their treatment. They offer vital emotional support to the patient as well as being a friend for the patient and their families during their time of extreme distress.

Thanks to the generosity of our Rex Flyers, almost $600 was raised on the day, which will go directly to assist the work of the McGrath Foundation. Rex will be matching the in-flight donations dollar for dollar.



Jane McGrath foundation donations top $1million

By Kate Sikora, Health Reporter

THE magic million dollar mark has been reached by the McGrath Foundation as the public honours the late Jane McGrath. Since Jane McGrath passed away two weeks ago, there has been a constant stream of donations to support her cause of funding breast care nurses in rural and remote areas.

The wife of Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath died with her family around her after an 11 year fight with breast cancer. Her death shocked Australians who were touched by her generosity to help other breast cancer sufferers despite her own battle.

The Foundation, which has eight breast care nurses, has now raised enough money for another three. Michaela Durrant, of the Foundation, said the public's support had been "overwhelming". "It is just unbelievable. It doesn't seem to be slowing down," she said. "Jane obviously had an impact on so many people who were touched by her."

"One of the most significant gestures is by Regional Express Airlines who are going to pass our donation envelopes out on the plane to passengers," Ms Durrant said.

"We will be recruiting more nurses to rural and regional areas which is what Jane wanted but we have not made a decision on how all the money will be spent. We use any opportunity we get to thank the public for their support. Thank you to everyone."

More than 400 mourners attended Jane's funeral, held at the Garrison church in The Rocks where her and Glenn were married in 1999. Her children, James, 8, and Holly, 6, released doves into the sky and blew bubbles as they farewelled their mum.

Donations can be made at any branch of the National Australia Bank:
Acc Name: McGrath Foundation
Acc Num: 589271582
BSB: 082-067

Source: The Daily Telegraph, 4 July 2008




Rex takes the award for Regional Airline of the Year 2007 (October 2007)

  Rex Chairman, Lim Kim Hai (L) receiving the CAPA Award
  for Regional Airline of the Year 2007 from
  CAPA Chief Operating Officer, Derek Sadubin
At the special CAPA (Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation) Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner that forms part of the 4th Aviation Outlook summit held in Singapore, Rex was named CAPA Regional Airline of the Year 2007.

Rex Executive Chairman, Lim Kim Hai was honoured to receive this recognition by Asia Pacific’s top aviation think tank, and dedicated the award to all the outstanding Rex staff.

For more information please click here








  Receiving the Award of behalf of the company, Rex Chairman, Lim Kim Hai was invited to answer some informal
  and light-hearted questions from Host of the ceremony, Siew Hoon


A sweet taste for rex (October 2007)

  A sweet taste for rex. Rex aircraft constructed out of oranges

For the first time Rex took part in the famous Festival of Gardens which is held in Griffith each October to showcase the best of the regions’ gardens from small cottage to large farm gardens. During the festival the main street is home to amazing larger-than-life citrus sculptures, based on the famous concept from Menton (France).

In all, over 100,000 oranges and grapefruit are used to create more than 50 of these amazing three dimensional sculptures.

No doubt wanderers were amazed by our Rex Saab work of art. Thanks greatly to David Longmore who built it, and to Brett, Dale and their families who took it to Griffith and placed the oranges on the frame.

Rex’s Inaugural Flight into Queensland (October 2007)

  In Brisbane, BAC General Manager of Commercial Services Gert – Jan de Graaff, Rex Managing Director Geoff
  Breust, and Mayor of Maryborough Barbara Hovard commemorate the occasion by cutting the cake and exchanging
  special plaques and model Saab planes

In conjunction with the Maryborough City Council and Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), Rex commemorated touch down in Queensland with special ceremonies on 8 October 2007 at Maryborough and Brisbane Airports - either end of Rex’s inaugural flight.

In Maryborough, Minister for Trade, the Hon. Warren Truss MP waved off the Mayor of Maryborough City Council, Mrs Barbara Hovard, other Councillors, local dignitaries and customers on the inaugural flight which departed Maryborough for Brisbane at 9:10am.

Upon arrival in Brisbane, representatives from Brisbane Airport Corporation, Queensland Transport and Queensland Tourism greeted passengers and attended a special welcoming presentation at 10am.

Rex has worked closely with the Maryborough City Council over many months to bring the service to fruition, and its inaugural flight heralds the importance of a substantial regional airline commencing services within Queensland.

  ‘All aboard’. Passengers make their way onto the
  inaugural flight
  Goodie bags and champagne for passengers on the
  inaugural flight

Pro Hart Lounge Opening (July 2007)

  John Sharp and the Hon. Senator Nick Minchin
The Rex Lounge at Adelaide Airport has been officially opened by Senator the Hon. Nick Minchin on Friday morning (13 July) in a special tribute to the great Australian artist, Pro Hart. (Click here for Senator the Hon Nick Minchin’s Speech.)

The Lounge has a permanent exhibition of Pro Hart's paintings, sketches, photographs and memorabilia including one of his paint splattered T-shirts. The exhibition was provided for display by the Hart family. Mrs Raylee Hart, Pro's wife and his son, Mr John Hart, were guests at the official opening.

To commemorate the opening and the exhibition, a special book was published which details Pro's life and provides an explanation of each of the items on display in the lounge. The book was commissioned by Rex and Mrs Raylee Hart officially launched the Pro Hart Book.

Pro and his family were regular travellers not only on Rex but on Kendell and Hazelton Airlines. As a means of promoting his home town Pro painted a scene of the Broken Hill South Mine on the cabin door of one of Kendell's Saab aircraft and donated a painting which was hung in the cabin. This painting has since been removed from the cabin and is also part of the exhibition.

To the pleasant surprise of all guests who attended the opening, Phil Baker, Adelaide Airport’s Managing Director, presented a Pro Hart painting titled ‘Men with Sheep’. The painting will become a prized part of the exhibition and tribute.

  John Sharp, Raylee Hart and John Hart   Geoff Breust, Sue Doyle and David Munt from AAL

Rex received wide media coverage from television, print and radio from Adelaide. Television and print from Broken Hill attended the opening and covered the story locally. The event was a great success.

The Rex "Pro Hart" Lounge is situated at Gate 10 on the concourse of Adelaide Airport.

  Sandy, Romy and Josephine greeting guests on arrival in
  to the lounge
   Rex launches the Pro Hart book

World Record Breaking Elvis Festival in Parkes! (January 2007)

  Two little Elvis lookalkies "all shookup"
After five days of more than 80 Elvis events in Parkes, Elvis has left the building and certainly left it all shaken up! Over the weekend beginning 12 Jan 07, the Clubs NSW Parkes Elvis Festival broke record crowds with an estimated 7,000 visitors and now lays claim to the Guinness World Record for the most number of Elvis impersonators.

With 147 Elvis singing ‘Love Me Tender' in full Elvis costume, Parkes smashed the previous World Record of 77 which was set at Selfridges' London store, UK in 05. To be sure the record was well and truly "in the bag" Parkes also smashed a recent rumoured, yet unconfirmed record of 97 impersonators.

Festival goers lined the main street of Parkes on Saturday morning for the Elvis Street Parade - a highlight of the festival. Sunday morning's Elvis Gospel Church Service again proved a popular event, with an audience of 1,700 (up from 1,150 the previous year) turning out to enjoy Elvis' first love - Gospel Music.

The festival's feature performer Dean Vegas, delighted packed audiences at his shows, with 1,500 festival-goers enjoying his Vegas-style routine. The Gold Coast-based performer won over the crowds with his internationally acclaimed voice, and delighted the ladies with his flattering costumes and Elvis charm.

Being Australia's only official Elvis marriage celebrant, Dean Vegas also performed the mass ceremony for 40 couples who renewed their wedding vows at the festival's "Love me Tender" archway.

  Would you like Elvis with your coffee?
While professional Elvis Tribute Artists wowed audiences in clubs and pubs across Parkes, amateur Elvis entertained crowds at the Festival's outdoor venue in Cooke Park. Singing his rendition of "A Little Less Conversation", Jamie Way of Melbourne was judged the best Elvis voice in the Festival's "Elvis Sing-a-Like" Competition. Scott Baker, who travelled from Echuca for the event, won the "Elvis Look-a-Like" competition in his Gold Tuxedo, while Sylis Paisly of Melbourne's hip swiveling stage routine won him the title of "Elvis Move-a-like" winner. On Thursday, local Parkes girl Lucinda Glenn was sashed as the inaugural "Miss Priscilla" at the TransTank Miss Priscilla Dinner.

The Country Link Elvis Express Train's arrival in Parkes on Friday afternoon saw 245 Sydney visitors disembark to a platform full of Elvis and welcoming local Parkes residents. All events on the Program this year have reported pleasing or record-breaking attendance, including the inaugural Elvis Art Exhibition which saw 660 visitors through the door. "The Festival Headquarters, Elvis Central was also busy all weekend, with record sales of Elvis wigs, accessories and other festival merchandise, said Festival Publicity Officer Monique Kronk.


Rex recently toured twelve of its regional centres with a special road show presentation on its Initial Public Offering of shares.

From 10 to 14 October true country manner and spirit shone through in what was the most significant public presentation of Rex in its history. We are glad to report that the road show was a great success.

A team of Board Members and senior management led by Deputy Chairman, the Hon John Sharp, conducted briefings to interested retail investors and Rex staff on the offering.

In no small feat, the team presented at Lismore, Armidale, Dubbo, Orange, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Mildura, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Mount Gambier and Burnie throughout the week.

Managing Director of Rex, Geoff Breust said “We have been quite overwhelmed by the strength of the response to the offering. While we have provided priority to our staff and our frequent flyers from regional centres, the level of overall interest has been fantastic”. Rex is offering 35 million ordinary shares at $1. An allocation of 20 million shares to institutional investors was oversubscribed by 2.5 times. The remaining allocation has also received very strong interest.

Rex’s capitalisation post the offering will be $115m and the Company will be debt free. Rex made profits of $11.3m last Financial Year and is forecasting $15.1m in the current year.

Rex has shown strong growth and excellent profits during a period of rising fuel prices. We are very focused on cost control while maximizing the benefits of our economies of scale. Our three base strategies of on time reliability, affordable air fares and close partnership with our regional communities are the platform for our success.

The Offer closed on 28 October.






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