Bid Up Frequently Asked Questions

A Bid Upgrade is where you can upgrade from Economy to Business Class for a flight, by submitting an Offer for an amount of money at your choosing to go into the running for the upgrade.

If your offer is accepted prior to check-in you will receive the benefits applicable to Business Class for the upgraded flight. Please note additional checked-baggage allowance and lounge access are not included for successful upgrades. Your original Economy checked-baggage allowance will apply.

If your offer is accepted after you have checked in for your flight, or at the airport, you will receive the on-board benefits in our Business Class cabin.

You can check if you’re eligible to make an upgrade here.

Alternatively, you may receive an email from 7 days prior to your flight departure if you are eligible to bid for an upgrade.

You can bid an amount of your choosing within the minimum and maximum bid settings for your flight, the more you bid the higher chance you may have of receiving an upgrade.

However, if your bid is unsuccessful you will not be charged and you will retain your original seat.

Yes, a bid can be changed or cancelled at any time prior to a bid being accepted and you are upgraded.

Once a bid has been accepted and you have received an upgrade, the bid amount is non-refundable.

Your payment details are entered when you submit your first bid. Payment for your Upgrade will only be processed if your Offer is accepted by Rex and you are successfully upgraded.

In the event that payment is unable to be processed Rex reserves the right to cancel the Upgrade.

Real-time bidding allows you to receive real-time updates on your bid. You will be notified when you are outbid and can choose to adjust your bid amount if you wish.

You will receive an email that you have been outbid. You simply click on the link provided to go to our real-time bid update page. If you do update your Bid, you will also be notified again, via email, on the chance you are further outbid.

You can simply leave your bid as it is and we will notify you if you have been successful when bidding ends.

You can take part in real-time bidding until 3 hours prior to departure, or until your bid has been accepted, whichever occurs sooner.

Not all flights in your booking are eligible for bidding. Eligibility is decided by Rex and eligible flights will be communicated to you via email.

You can also check eligibility here.

A bid is only valid for the specific flight and date indicated in the invitation email sent to you. If you change a flight that you have submitted a bid for, that bid will be cancelled and you will not be charged. Any bid submitted for other segments will not be affected.

You can check if your new flight is eligible to bid for an upgrade here.

Rex Bid Up will recommend an amount to put yourself in first place.

You can bid more or less than this recommendation. The more you bid, the higher chance you may have of receiving an upgrade.

We communicate success bids from 24 hours through to 1.5 hours prior to departure.

No. Successful bids are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-changeable, and are only valid for the flight, date and destination the bid was successful for.

You will not be charged for the bid and you will retain your original booking.

We do not specify why a bid has not been successful. The outcome of a bid is determined by a range of factors including (but not limited to) the value of your bid and other bids and the number of upgrade seats available.

Yes. Your original seat in Economy will be forfeited and you will be able to select a Business Class seat when you check-in. Rex cannot guarantee your preferred seating is available or that you travelling party will be seated together.

Special requests from your original booking will be carried over to your upgraded flight. However, we cannot guarantee that your special request will be fulfilled.

No. Prepayment for Extras are non-refundable if your offer is accepted and you are successfully upgraded.