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What is Rextra Legroom | Terms and Conditions | Safety Pre-requisites | Book Rextra Legroom

Safety Pre-requisites for the Purchase of Rextra Legroom
The Rextra Legroom seats are situated at the emergency exit row which explains why it has extra legroom. The Civil Aviation and Safety Authority dictates that passengers at the emergency exit rows must satisfy certain safety pre-requisites before they are allowed to be seated at such areas. The safety conditions are that the passenger:
  • be 15 years or older
  • be willing & able to assist with the operation of the exit in the event of an emergency
  • be willing & able to guard the exit if unusable
  • be able to understand & acknowledge any instructions given by the Crew
  • be willing to assist the Crew and other passengers in the event of an emergency
  • not be travelling with an infant, child, special needs passenger or someone who needs your assistance in an emergency
  • not require the use of supplemental restraints (e.g. seatbelt extension)
  • not be more than 24 weeks pregnant
  • not be travelling with an escort, companion, guide dog or assistance animal
  • not have any condition or physical disability which may prevent you from performing any of the duties as listed above. Examples may include (but are not limited to) -
    1. elderly – infirm or frail
    2. medical condition – including those that require the use of supplemental oxygen
    3. limited mobility – assistance, mobility aids or devices such as crutches, wheelchair, bandages, sling or controlled motion brace (e.g. moon boot)

If you have purchased a Rextra seat and our staff identifies that you do not meet the requirements above, you will be re-seated at check-in or boarding and the $4.80 fee will be forfeited. Decisions made by our staff are final and binding.