Rex Says Adelaide Airport Out to Mislead
Friday, 28 April 2006

Rex says the bussing of passengers will now not proceed as planned as Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) continues to reject its appeal for a second bus and attempts to mislead the public on the reason for refusal.

“Mr Phil Baker, Managing Director of AAL said in media statements overnight that …”One bus will cost in excess of $400,000 for the bus and drivers and for the odd occasion that there may be a clash, $800,000 is a hard ask and one that I am not prepared to do.” giving the false impression that it is AAL who is paying the full cost.” Mr Geoff Breust, Managing Director of Regional Express said.

“The truth is that the funding of the bussing solution was always to be provided from savings from the security screening which the bussing eliminates. Security screening is paid for by the airlines and is in no way funded by AAL.”

Mr Breust said that Rex had made a commitment from the beginning to underwrite all expenses of the two-bus solution that could not be met from the savings. Mr Breust further added that Mr Baker’s remarks about the ‘occasional clash’ were complete nonsense in the light of Rex‘s existing schedules which are readily available for public scrutiny.

He said the second bus was also required for back-up when one bus breaks down.

“Clearly AAL’s statement is an attempt to deceive the public. One wonders if they have another agenda which they are unwilling to disclose publicly.”

“It is so disappointing that after many months we are back where we started. It is back to the cattle races, the long walk, the intrusive inbound security screening and the four flights of stairs. It is a great shame regional air travellers in South Australia will now have to put up with sub-standard facilities while AAL refuses, for reasons best known to itself, to accept a solution that has no cost impact on itself or others.”

“We call on all South Australian regional air travellers who are outraged by the attitude of the AAL to make their views known directly to AAL and to raise their concerns with their local representatives.”

Those wishing to make their views public may do so by writing to Rex at, Rex will post the comments on its website and on other public forums.