Rex Happy Following Talks With AAL
Monday, 13 February 2006

Regional Express (Rex) is positive about the outcome of discussions today with Adelaide Airport aimed at finding solutions to problems affecting regional passengers using the new terminal.

Rex’s Managing Director, Geoff Breust, said after talks with Phil Baker and his team, Adelaide Airport in consultation with Rex would as a priority examine all options for bussing arriving regional passengers from the aircraft to a suitable location inside the terminal building.

“There are various options as to where in the terminal building regional passengers would arrive in the buses and these are matters requiring further detailed investigation”.

The bussing solution for arriving passengers would remove the need for security screening of regional passengers as they arrive at the terminal.

“Adelaide Airport has given a commitment to work through the options as a matter of priority and to also present the options to South Australian regional communities before any final decisions are made.”

Adelaide Airport is also committed to remedial works to the covered walkway on the tarmac to remove the centre wall, improve ventilation, install windows and improve the overall ambience of the facility. The current drainage problems would also be overcome.

Inside the terminal, Adelaide Airport has agreed to install an additional travelator as soon as possible, although the timing will depend on the availability of funding.

The airport management is also committed to putting in place a shuttle buggy service operating on the main concourse of the terminal building for all users. The operation of this service by Adelaide Airport will depend on it receiving support from all other domestic airlines using the airport.

Mr Breust said Adelaide Airport had also agreed as a matter of priority to improve signage for regional passengers and also facilities to enable Rex to use an additional aircraft parking position at the northern end of the terminal.

“Today’s discussions with Mr Baker and his team were very cordial and constructive and we left the meeting with a high level of confidence that action would be taken”.

Rex Chairman Mr Lim Kim Hai inspected the facilities at the airport today.

“The terminal is a very good design,” Mr Lim said. “But it is a shame that the last bit of the facility used by regional passengers is almost an afterthought and not up to standard.”

Mr Breust said Rex accepted a statement by Mr Baker that he had been misquoted in relation to earlier remarks to which the airline had objected.

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