Rex Concentrates on Burnie / Wynyard
Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Regional Express (Rex) last flight from Devonport Airport to Melbourne on Sunday marked the end of an era. Rex had operated the route since it commenced services in August 2002. Rex took over the service previously operated by Kendell Airlines.

Rex Managing Director, Geoff Breust, said that while the airline regretted making the decision to withdraw the service, it was the result of commercial reality.

“We said when we announced our withdrawal back on 1 August that the services had not been profitable. Falling loads and revenue had been the feature of the service this last financial year and unfortunately we had little option but to withdraw.

“We would like to thank everyone in the local community for supporting the services over the years. We particularly thank the Devonport Port Corporation and the Devonport City Council for their continued support and assistance,” Mr Breust said.

“Nevertheless, Rex maintains a strong commitment to the North West Coast. We have now revised our schedule to improve the timings of our Burnie services. The new schedule involves earlier Burnie departures and arrivals each morning. Morning departures will be at 6.30 and 10.05am. Flights into Burnie in the morning will arrive at 9.35am instead of 10.05am.previously”

“Rex will retain its 36 flights per week and will have the opportunity to increase frequency and capacity on the Burnie route when needed.

“We also thank very much Stuart Richardson, Simon Finlay and all the staff at North West Travel, and particularly Darren Saggers who worked at Devonport Airport. They all provided professional and dedicated service to Rex customers,“ Mr Breust said.

Revised Burnie Schedule effective Monday 19 September 2005

Melbourne to Burnie
ZL3557 0825 0935 123456. MELBWT 0 SF3
ZL3573 1515 1625 12345.7 MELBWT 0 SF3
ZL3577 1905 2015 12345.7 MELBWT 0 SF3

Burnie to Melbourne
ZL3554 0630 0740 123456. BWTMEL 0 SF3
ZL3558 1005 1115 123456. BWTMEL 0 SF3
ZL3574 1645 1755 12345.7 BWTMEL 0 SF3
Revised timings in bold.

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