RAAA - Security Screening at Regional Airports
Monday, 18 February 2013

The RAAA supports REX’s call for local councils operating airfields with Regular Public Transport (RPT) to understand and apply fairly the federal rules covering airport security screening.

In short, the RAAA believes that if an operator is captured by the security regulations it is that operator alone who should pay for the security screening charges applied by the airport owner.

It is clearly unfair that operators who are not required by law to screen their passengers should be asked to pay for the screening of passengers on larger aircraft.

It is noted and applauded that a number of local council airport operators take the view that if you trigger screening activity you alone should pay the costs of that screening. The RAAA encourages this policy to be applied at all
regional airports with RPT.

Dubbo City Council’s decision to apply screening charges to all operators, whether they trigger passenger screening or not, is unjust and should be repealed immediately. Dubbo’s decision is clearly out of step with the majority of local councils with RPT airports.

The RAAA is working hard with its members to return services to regional and remote Australia. It is vital this is done in partnership with local councils and that unfair and unnecessary charges are avoided wherever possible .